Mar. 1st, 2011

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Today is a great day.

Why? Because I have not one but two books to give away, and only one of them is mine!

I think everybody deserves to have a little category romance style love in their lives. And my friend Michelle Rowen and I happen to be releasing two different books today. Here's hers:

Some things should never be bottled up…

Paranormal investigator and erotic novelist Emma Black is at a masquerade ball and looking for a coveted lust potion. Unexpectedly, she bumps into her former partner, the ridiculously sexy (oh so sexy!) Ryan Shephard. And, for added bonus temptation points, the rare lust potion is splashed on both of them—with instantaneously hot results!

But is the incredible, mind-blowing sex between them only the result of the potion? Or are Emma and Ryan simply giving in to the inevitable?

And here's mine:

Payback…delivered on a silver platter!

Notorious Nikos Katrakis was looking for a new mistress when, out of the blue, heiress Tristanne Barbery offered herself to him. Could satisfaction and revenge really be that easy to obtain?

Tristanne knew better than to play games with a man of such devastatingly lethal charisma like Nikos. But, though she had a good idea of the kind of sacrifice she was offering, she had no choice.

To Nikos’s surprise, Tristanne was not the weak, biddable good-time girl he’d expected... and soon his plans for vengeance came crumbling down around him!

You can win both of these books! All you have to do is tell me you want the books here, and I'll pick a winner on Friday.

Happy Release Day!


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