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So. 2010. That was quite a year. I hit career heights I'd never imagined I would reach and I also went through some truly devastating personal lows. I wrote. A lot. I deepened some of my relationships, finally stood up for myself in some toxic situations, and failed to acquit myself as well as I'd like in others. I got my first gray hair--not cool. I rejoiced with loved ones as they celebrated beautiful milestones, weddings and babies, and I grieved for all we lost. Oh, how I grieved. I ate too much, I danced the night away beneath the desert sky, and I learned a few new, crucial things about myself where I least expected I would. How do you measure it all?

I don't know that I can, so I'm going give away some good books instead!

I stumbled across Carolyn Jewel's spellbinding paranormal series by accident. I don't even remember how I came across the first book. What I do remember is that the book stunned me.

I couldn't breathe through it. I couldn't put it down! I loved everything about Carson, the wonderful heroine who learns how to harness her power, and sexy, dangerous Nikodemus, the fiend who's determined to kill her. If they don't spontaneously combust from all the heat they generate first! I loved the San Francisco setting, and the idea of immortal beings walking around in plain sight, engaged in dangerous battles mortals don't see.

The second book is scorching. I feel a little warm just talking about it now. Xia and Alexandrine, so much conflict and battle and emotion and did I mention scorching? Seriously.

I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this third book at RWA this summer. I think I gulped it down before I went home! It has all the menace and danger of the first two, with an added element here that is all about the tension between the mouthwateringly intense fiend Durian and Grayson, a woman on a revenge mission. Delicious.

I love these books. (I also love the names. Carson? Grayson? So cool.) The third one just came out, and there's a fourth due out in June that I'm really excited about. These are the kind of characters that you carry around with you long after the book is done. Complex, fascinating, and compelling. Their world is dark and dangerous and alters the way you see your own. They are so good!

I've decided to give the whole set of three away. All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what your favorite paranormal romance series is. I'll pick a winner next week.

(Don't want to enter this contest because you need these books right now? I feel your pain. You can buy them here!)
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