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So I survived another deadline. Apparently. (Or perhaps this is my zombie version. Which, actually, would explain a great many things.)

My plan was to lounge about, recovering, reading my book club book, and catching up on all the things that I let slide during the most recent crunch. Like, you know, the laundry. The pets. And all the errands I put off until after the book was in, unless, of course, running them mid-panic would lead to the acquisition of chocolate.

But this was not to be! I'm in the middle of a rush freelance job, which is fun as it involves reading the third book in an absolutely fantastic series that won't be on the shelves for about nine months, but is still a bit more hectic than I'd planned. And my superhero of an editor performed one of her magic tricks, and returned the manuscript I handed in on Monday to me this morning. Speedy! That means I'll spend a day or so mulling over her notes before I jump back in and try to make the story better.

Revision is one of my favorite parts of the whole writing process. That's not to say it's easy. But I like having the whole story to look at--being able to see the big picture. Even though I am no longer a strictly write-by-seat-of-pants writer, I also never really know what's going to happen on the page. So it's not until now that I get a sense of the story as a whole, and get to really look at flow, and character, and how it all works together. Or, more likely, doesn't. I like the feeling of going through the book and finding all the golden threads I laid there, consciously or no, and following them through, polishing all the way.

But you know what else I really love? Book covers. Because that's one step closer to the real, live book in my hot little hands. And because it really never gets old to see my name (or even my pseudonym) splashed across a pretty cover. I don't think it ever will.

Here's the Australian version of Princess from the Past. I suspect this book will come out in the US in 2012, but I don't know for sure. When it does, it will have a classic Presents cover with this art, which I love so much it makes me a little bit giddy, because it absolutely captures the book. And look at the Italian countryside in the background! I mean, if you can tear yourself away from my beloved Prince Leo:

And here are two UK covers for upcoming books, both of which will be out in the US later this year.

The first is this exciting anthology, featuring my story The Reluctant Queen, with three other fabulous (and inspiring) authors:

The Reluctant Queen will be out in the US in a 2in1 with Trish Morey in December.

The second is so exciting. This is my contribution to the Bad Blood Collection, the Mills & Boon Modern/Harlequin Presents continuity series that starts in a few months. Eight different books from eight different authors, all telling the stories of the scandalous Wolfe family. I can't wait to read all of them! And I can't wait for you to read mine. It's a particular favorite. The Shameless Playboy will be out in the UK in May, and out in the US in August with a slightly different title (and a different look I'll be sure to share here): The Disgraced Playboy.

Aren't they delicious? Of course, now I wish I had them right here, right now!

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Wow! You have been insanely busy! I can't wait to read them :


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