Dec. 22nd, 2010

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No one moves to Los Angeles to deal with rain and cold, do they? We're here for the palm trees, blue skies, and endless summer. We have severe cognitive dissonance when the temperature dips below sixty-five degrees, much less when it actually rains. For days.

Also, no one here can deal with this much rain. Our lives are constructed to handle drought. We expect things to be dry--desert-dry--all the time. Which is why there is currently A Dire Situation on my porch, which we used for temporary storage when we moved. Oops. Moreover, the roads are flooded. Whole hills fall down. There are mudslides and chaos and evacuations.

And more significant to me, personally: no one can drive. Natives clutch at their pearls, drive one mile per hour, stomp on the brakes in the middle of giant pools of water on the roadway, and are then shocked when they hydroplane. Not good. So, sure, this is just like a random week in October to you East Coast folks, or summer to you Brits, but it's a full on Rainapocalypse here.

Add thunder and lightning to the mix? It's like it's the End Times. I've never been happier I work at home!


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